Yuk, Kenali Slogan Pariwisata Seluruh Negara Di Dunia

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Berikut artikel Yuk, Kenali Slogan Pariwisata Seluruh Negara di Dunia, Semoga bermanfaat

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Situs FamilyBreakFinder mengeluarkan peta dunia yg mencantumkan slogan pariwisata di tiap negara. Mulai dari Benua Eropa, AS, Asia, sampai Australia, semua negara dalam peta tersebut bertuliskan slogan.

Mengutip situs Lonely Planet, Rabu (23/11/2016), dalam peta tersebut kami mampu melihat slogan pariwisata yg ‘wah’ hingga yg unik. ‘Wonderful Indonesia’, ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’, sampai slogan yg jujur dan sederhana seperti ‘Visit Armenia, It Is Beautiful’.

Dalam peta tersebut, cuma ada 38 negara yg tak dilengkapi slogan pariwisata. Antara yang lain Korea Utara, dua negara di Afrika, dan ajaibnya: Swedia.

Berikut slogan pariwisata segala negara di dunia, mengutip dari peta keluaran FamilyBreakFinder.

Albania – Go your own way!

Algeria – Tourism for everybody

Andorra – The Pyrenean Country

Antigua and Barbuda  – The beach is just the beginning

Argentina – Beats to your rhythm

Armenia – Visit Armenia, It is Beautiful

Australia – There’s NOTHING like Australia

Austria – Arrive and revive

Bahama – Life Is Grand

Bahrain – Ours. Yours. Bahrain

Bangladesh – Beautiful Bangladesh

Barbados – Brilliant Barbados

Belarus – Hospitality Beyond Borders

Belgia – The place to be

Belize – Mother Nature’s Best-Kept Secret

Bhutan – Happiness is a place

Bolivia – Bolivia awaits you

Bosnia and Herzegovina – The heart of SE Europe

Botswana – Our pride, your destination

Brasil – Brasil – sensational!

Brunei Darussalam – A kingdom of unexpected treasures

Bulgaria – A discovery to share

Burundi – Beautiful Burundi

Cabo Verde – No stress

Kamboja – Kingdom of wonder

Kamerun – All of Africa in one country

Kanada – Keep exploring

Chad – Oasis of the Sahel

Chile – All are welcome

China – China Like Never Before

Colombia – Colombia is magical realism

Costa Rica – Essential Costa Rica

Kroasia – Full of life

Kuba – Autentica Cuba

Cyprus – Cyprus in your heart

Republik Ceko – Land of stories

Denmark – Happiest place on Earth!

Djibouti – Djibeauty

Dominica – The nature island

Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic has it all

Ekuador – All you need is Equador

Mesir – Where it all begins

El Salvador – The 45 Minute Country

Estonia – Epic Estonia

Ethiopia – Land of origins

Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You

Finlandia – I wish I was in Finland

Perancis – Rendez vous en France

Gambia – The smiling coast of Africa

Georgia – For the best moments of your life

Jerman – Simply inspiring

Yunani – All Time Classic

Grenada – Pure Grenada

Guatemala – Heart of the Mayan World

Guyana – South America Undiscovered

Haiti – Experience It!

Honduras – Everything is here

Hungaria – Think Hungary more than expected

Islandia – Inspired by Iceland

India – Incredible !ndia

Indonesia – Wonderful Indonesia

Iran – You Are Invited

Irak – The Other Iraq (Kurdistan)

Irlandia – Jump into Ireland

Israel – Land of Creation

Italia – Made in Italy

Jamaica – Get All Right

Jepang – Endless discovery

Jordania – Yes, it’s Jordan

Kazakhstan – The land of wonders

Kenya – Magical Kenya

Kiribati – For travellers

Kyrgyzstan – Oasis on the Great Silk Road

Laos – Simply Beautiful

Latvia – Best enjoyed slowly

Lebanon – Live Love Lebanon

Lesotho – The Kingdom In The Sky

Liechtenstein – Experience princely moments

Lithuania – See it! Feel it! Love it!

Luxembourg – Live your unexpected Luxembourg

Macedonia – Macedonia Timeless

Madagaskar – A genuine island, a world apart

Malawi – The warm heart of Africa

Malaysia – Truly Asia

Maladewa – The sunny side of life

Malta – Truly Mediterranean

Mauritius – It’s a pleasure

Meksiko – Live It to Believe It

Micronesia – Experience the warmth

Monaco – Easy going Monaco

Mongolia – Go Nomadic

Montenegro – Wild Beauty

Maroko – Much Mor

Mozambique – Come to where it all started

Myanmar – Let the journey begin

Namibia – Endless horizons

Nepal – Once is not enough

Belanda – The original cool

New Zealand – 100% Pure

Nikaragua – Unica. Original!

Nigeria – Good people, great nation

Norwegia – Powered by nature

Oman – Beauty has an address

Palau – Pristine Paradise Palau

Panama – Panama Surprises

Papua Nugini – A million different journeys

Paraguay – You have to feel it!

Peru – Land of the Incas

Filipina – It’s more fun in the Philippines

Polandia – Move your imagination

Portugal – Europe’s West Coast

Qatar – Where dreams come to life

Korea Selatan – Imagine your Korea

Republic of Moldova – Discover the routes of life

Romania – Explore the Carpathian garden

Rusia – Reveal your own Russia

Rwanda – Remarkable Rwanda

Saint Kitts and Nevis – Follow your heart

Saint Lucia – Simply beautiful

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Discover SVG

Samoa – Beautiful Samoa

San Marino – San Marino For All

Arab Saudi – Experience to discover

Serbia – My Serbia

Seychelles – Another world

Sierra Leone – The freedom to explore

Singapura – Your Singapore

Slovakia – Travel in Slovakia – Good idea

Slovenia – I feel SLOVEnia

Solomon  – Seek the unexplored

Afrika Selatan – Inspiring new ways

Spanyol – #spainindetail

Sri Lanka – Wonder of Asia

Suriname – A Colorful Experience… Exotic beyond words

Swaziland – A royal experience

Swiss – Get natural

Suriah – Always Beautiful

Tajikistan – Feel the friendship

Thailand – Amazing Thailand. It begins with the people

Timor Leste – Being first has its rewards

Tonga – The true South Pacific

Trinidad and Tobago – The true Caribbean

Tunisia – I feel like Tunisia

Turki -Be our guest

Tuvalu – Timeless Tuvalu

Uganda – You’re welcome

Ukraina – It’s all about U

United Arab Emirates – Discover all that’s possible

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Home of amazing moments

United Republic of Tanzania – The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti

United States of America – All within your reach

Uruguay – Uruguay natural

Uzbekistan – Naturally Irresistible!

Vanuatu – Discover what matters

Venezuela – Venezuela is your destination!

Vietnam – Timeless charm

Zambia – Let’s explore

Zimbabwe – A world of wonders

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